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Are you saddled with old, worn-out windows in different areas of your home? Maybe you’re tending damage from an accident or storm and looking for replacements. Brand new windows transform the quality of your home — literally from the inside out. Not only do amazing windows elevate the appearance of your home, they also increase energy efficiency, protect your furniture and floors from the sun, and help you keep your family safe.

The most important things to consider when you’re ready to replace your old windows: energy efficiency, durability, value, and low maintenance. Our team has outfitted windows for a full spectrum of properties and housing structures. We’re excited to advise and assist with this all-important upgrade that makes a remarkable difference in your daily life.

If you’re considering having your windows replaced and new ones installed, give us a call to schedule a free estimate with our window experts: 316-677-7570

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Beachy Contracting provides full contracting services for roofing, concrete, and exterior renovations throughout Kansas and the greater Wichita area. We offer accounts programs, assistance with insurance claims, and highly trained team members who are skilled experts in their craft.

We look forward to learning more about the window needs for your current home, or for a new property that’s underway.

If you’re considering window replacements or new installations, give us a call to schedule a free estimate with our window experts: 316-677-7570, or contact us using the message fields.

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