Level-up your property with siding advisement and installation from Beachy Contracting.

Weather damage, remodeling, property add-ons, new builds — whatever the project, if you’re planning to replace or install new siding on the exterior of your home or building, Beachy Contracting is ready to assist.

Siding serves as an essential barrier against the elements. You’ll want climate-appropriate material that’s resistant to tough weather and provides the proven, functional strength you require. However, siding also performs as a chief aesthetic component in the external design of a home, and you want to select materials and colors that compliment your taste and are pleasing to the eye. 

Beachy Contracting specializes in all types of siding, including fiber cement, vinyl, wood and metal. We’re happy to discuss your goals and budget, and make recommendations for the best siding choices that suit your purpose. We will also perfectly match your existing siding with a new measure of corresponding material for upgrades or replacement needs.

Residential Siding

Our Services

Beachy Contracting provides full contracting services for roofing, concrete, and exterior renovations throughout Kansas and the greater Wichita area. We offer accounts programs, assistance with insurance claims, and highly trained team members who are skilled experts in their craft.

We’d love to chat about your current housing and repair project and see how we can assist. As experienced siding contractors, we’re conversant with a range of siding materials, and we understand what to expect from each. We can provide:

  • Advisement on the specifics of the project at hand
  • Replacement for damaged siding
  • Siding installation for new or deeply renovated properties 
  • Consultation on the full spectrum of siding materials

Reach out to discuss the demands of your individual project and obtain a professional estimate. We’re excited to provide the precise aesthetic and functional sidling solution you’re looking for to make your home complete.

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