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If you’re a property owner with damage to your building or home, you probably have questions about the insurance claims process. In many cases, it’s a situation you may be dealing with for the first time. Unfortunately, your insurance company likely didn’t guide you on how to file a claim, or what situations would qualify you to do so.

For both commercial and homeowner insurance policies, there’s typically a LIMITED amount of time to file a valid claim after the property is damaged. Filing a claim accurately, and within your policy’s timeframe, can set you up to receive hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars from your insurance company to properly fix the damages.

For significant damage to your property — specifically, storm damage to your roof — Beachy Contracting works to make sure your insurance claim is accurately assessed and filed, so you have the BEST chance to receive the largest amount of funds to take the necessary steps to repair your roof like it’s brand new.

With over a decade of experience, we are uniquely positioned to assess the damage caused by hail and wind storms. Our disaster consultants are equipped to pinpoint property damage that’s difficult to spot with the naked eye.

While some damage is obvious, hail damage can be more difficult to locate. At first, tiny hail damage can seem like not a big deal, however, as time goes by the sun’s rays and other weather worsen tiny hail damage, potentially leading to leaks, energy efficiency, and interior property damage.

Drone Infrared Analysis

Our expert disaster consultants will get on top of your roof, inspect potential damage, and provide you with an infrared, digital drone analysis of the roof. The drone’s infrared technology can detect if any water has leaked through the initial roof layers, into the property itself. This is one of the worst damages a roof can have.

Larger buildings (commercial, industrial, office, etc) are typically the hardest to win an insurance claim. Payouts can be in the millions. The detail within an insurance policy can make it nearly impossible for the average property owner to fight the insurance company for what they are owed. That’s why Beachy Contracting partners with the top public insurance adjusters in the United States. This way, all our clients get the very best claims service from licensed, winning large-loss adjusters.

Our entire process including inspecting damage, drone analysis, claims assistance, and actually fixing (repairing or replacing) your roof — we offer 100% free of charge to property owners that qualify.

Are you a commercial or residential property owner who has a damaged, old roof? Contact our team today and our professionals will get started on your case right away.

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Listed here are frequently asked questions we get from property owners. If you still have a question after going through this list, click below to send us your questions.

What services does Beachy Contracting provide?

Beachy Contracting provides all types of residential and commercial construction services throughout the state of Kansas. These include roofing, concrete, building, windows, siding, gutters, and more.

What are signs that I need a new roof?

There are several, which include missing, cracked or curling shingles, wind or hail damage, dented metal, evidence of leaks or stains, mold inside the property, and more. If your roof is more than 15 years old it is ideal to have a professional inspection completed.

If my roof is leaking, do I need a new one?

While this may indicate the need for a full replacement, this isn’t always the case. The leak could possibly be fixed with a simple repair. If your roof is leaking, contact us ASAP to have a free inspection completed.

What happens if there's damage found during my roof inspection?

Beachy Contracting will assist you in contacting your insurance company. With over a decade of experience working with insurance adjusters, we’ll make sure you properly file a claim and meet with the adjuster when they inspect your property.

Do I have to pay Beachy Contracting for insurance claims assistance?

No. Managing the insurance claims process is a complimentary service we offer all property owners and homeowners. We assure the entire claims process is accurate and thorough from start to finish.

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