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Beachy Contracting provides the highest quality building construction services throughout the entire state of Kansas.

Beachy Contracting’s construction services include pole barn building, repairs, and maintenance. Pole barns are commonly known as post frame buildings and are often built as residential, storage, commercial, or agricultural structures. Our focus is to provide unbeatable quality and outstanding value to all of our construction clients.

Our team can handle projects of any size and demand. We can build livestock barns, general-purpose sheds, storage buildings, airplane hangars, machine sheds, equipment sheds, homes, and more. We guarantee we will meet local building codes and provide fully customized solutions for all demanding weather requirements.

Beachy Building Construction Services

Our Services

Deciding on a post-frame building offers many benefits, including fast completion time, space for insulation, energy and cost efficiency for all-weather seasons, and long-term strength.

Our building construction services include:

  • First-rate Post Frame building
  • Building inspection
  • Building repairs, renovation, and maintenance
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Roof inspection, repair, maintenance, and restoration

We only build with the highest quality material on the market. This solidifies our commitment to providing the very best in every aspect of our building construction services.

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